Getting your own cat statuette

Posted on 5 March 2008 by Jon

Updated October 2010.

We regularly get emails from people asking where they can get a cat statuette of their own. Here’s a little information about how to get your hands on one!

Jonathan Newdick

Many of the cat statuettes shown on our site were made by Jonathan Newdick, a sculptor based in York. He was commissioned by York architect Tom Adams to create various cat statuettes to adorn buildings he had designed.

Jonathan visited the RSPCA animal’s home in York and drew some sketches on which he based the statues. For more information on each cat’s origins, visit the Cat Directory.

Jonathan’s cats come in four designs and take about 6 weeks to make. His prices currently start around £400. For more information, you can contact Jonathan via his website, on 01904 415077 or go see his work on show at York Open Studios 2008: Jonathan Newdick ARBS.

Other sources around York

Also of interest might be the pottery in North Yorkshire called the Cat Pottery, which makes a vast range of ornamental cats. Check their website for more information:

There’s a shop on Stonegate in York called The Cat Gallery, which has loads of stuff for cat-mad connoisseurs to peruse! They have a new Garden and Outdoors section on their website, but there’s loads more to see! Check their website for more information: