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Posted on 20 September 2007 by Jon

We’ve been quiet for some time now, for which we apologise – sorry site! We’re no longer based in York and it’s been a busy time just lately, which basically adds up to not a lot of time for updating this site. But I’m here to change that – at least, for the moment.

Look ma! We’re on the telly!

It was a little while back now, but we were quite excited to be contacted by a television production company who were filming for They wanted to feature the Cats in York website on an episode of Web Lives, ITV’s first ever online series.

This particular episode followed a lady called Pip on a date in York. Pip suffered with a brain haemorrhage 12 years ago, which changed her life. This year she has been using online dating to get some romance back into her life. Her date, Jez, took Pip around the streets of York following our very own Cat Hunt!

Watch the episode on to see for yourself: Web Lives: Episode 14.

Ghost cats?

Last year we were also contacted about a feature on Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns Live in York, which ran from Friday, January 27th 2006 to Monday, January 30th 2006. We’re not sure if the cats were mentioned or not, but if you saw the programme and remember seeing something mentioned, please let us know!

New cats

Many thanks to those people who have e-mailed in to tell us about new stone cats they have seen in the York area. We’ve got some new photos to add to the site, so we’ll update the Cat Directory very soon!

That’s all for now. Hope everyone’s had a lovely summer!

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