Cats around the World

Posted on 30 October 2006 by Jon

Earlier in the year, we were contacted by a Flickr user who told us about a photo they had found of a decorative cat on a building in Amsterdam – thank you, G.

We knew of a stone cat on a building in Brighton, so we decided to take more of a look around Flickr to see what else we could find. We found quite a few and posted links to loads more photos in our Flickr discussion board – take a look if you like!

If you’re a Flickr user and you have photos of some of the York cats, please feel free to join the Cats in York Flickr group and add your photos to the pool. We ask that you do not post photos from anywhere outside of York, as we would like to keep the group limited to the York cats. However, please feel free to contribute to our list of links to cats outside of York!

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