Low Ousegate cat returns home!

Posted on 28 June 2011 by Jon

We’re over the moon to announce that one of the oldest cat statuettes in York has been returned to its rightful place on Low Ousegate.

In August 2008, we heard the sad news that the black cat statuette above Johnson’s Dry Cleaning on Low Ousegate (Cat #12) had to be taken down in July over concerns for public safety.

This cat statuette, along with the ginger cat on the window sill of the building next door (Cat #13), are the oldest cat statuettes in York, dating at least as far back as the
1920s. We thought it would be a real shame to lose such an important piece of York’s vibrant history.

Since then, we have remained in touch with the City of York Council about the cat and their talks with the property owner about reinstalling him. Finally, earlier this month, we got the news that the little critter is back home!

We are very grateful to and thankful for the support of Cllr. Keith Hyman, who has been keeping us up to date with news about the missing cat. Keith is the proud owner of Jonathan Newdick’s first bronze cat, which sits happily in his lounge!