Cat #9

Cat number 9

Date installed: ~9th November 1984

Appearance: A black cat, stalking a pigeon on a roof.

Origins: A Tom Adams cat made of fibre-glass by Jonathan Newdick. The cat was introduced during extension work on the building it is on, in which another storey was added. When this cat appeared, according to the Evening Press there were rumours it left its perch each night to eat leftover fish and chips! An article on this cat was printed in the Evening Press on 9th November 1984.

Companions: A pigeon statuette! The owner of the building got a plumber (who was working in the property) to put the pigeon up shortly after Cat #9 was put in place, without telling Tom Adams! The pigeon is made of rubber, and at the time cost only £3 from Barnitts hardware shop in York.

Visibility: High

Location: King’s Square.

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