Cat #12

Cat number 12

Current status: Returned!

Date installed: ~1920 & 27th February 1985. Removed in July 2008, reinstalled in June 2011.

Appearance: A black cat, climbing wall.

Origins: This cat and Cat #13 have been in place since the 1920s – see Cat #13 for all the possible reasons. It is most likely that Sir Stephen Aitcheson is responsible for these two.

Number of Lives Lost: Two.

In November 1984, this cat was stolen, possibly as a prank, by someone who climbed scaffolding outside the shop. One paw remained attached to the building. The cat was found a few days later by a York teacher who returned it, and on 27th February 1985, the cat was returned in its original place. For more information, see the articles from the Evening Press in 13th November 1984 and 27th February 1985.

The cat was removed in July 2008, apparently over public safety concerns. It took some time, but City of York Council worked with the owners of the building to get the cat reinstalled, which happened in June 2011.

Companions: Cat #13 lives next door.

Visibility: High

Location: Near Ouse Bridge.

Last checked: June 2011

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