The York Cat Hunt

Updated: June 2011

The Cat Hunt is for those who want to have a go at finding the cats without first looking up their locations in the Cat Directory. We won’t tell you where they are, but we’ll give you some hints along the way. We reckon it’ll take you a little over an hour to find the thirteen cats on the Hunt, depending on your cat-spotting skills. We hope you enjoy this unique York walk!

Further details

The Cat Hunt does not include all the cat statuettes in York, as some are a fair distance from the city centre. Feel free to add the others to your own Cat Hunt if you want; all the cat statuettes we know of are listed in the Cat Directory, with approximate locations given (precise locations are also available via links in the Cat Directory).

Cats in York has no control over any of the statuettes, thus we cannot help it if any cats have since been removed, but please inform us via Cat Chat so we can update the Cat Hunt. Please remember to be careful at all times on the Hunt, especially when crossing roads. We cannot take any responsibility for any accidents that may occur during participation in the Hunt.

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If you would like to print off our Cat Hunt and/or maps and have a go, there are downloads available, but they are currently being updated with new cats.

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